It’s muh berfday!

Okay. Not “me”. The giant lardass who exists in meatspace.

Hyperstrike! The Big Blue Butthead himself!

11 years ago, TODAY, a certain un-svelt meat shield signed into Outbreak on Protector.

That’s a LOT of time to step up, introduce yourself to the villain of the moment, and shake hands with their FACE!

Look!  Up in the sky!

We’ve been going over a year (GOOD LORD!)

As some of you may or may not have noticed, it’s been some time since I actually dropped a post onto the site. Yeah, I’m not so good at social media. Go figure.

In the mean time, more than a year has passed since we began holding Tanker Tuesdays in Champions Online.

I’d like to thank all the people who’ve attended, and ESPECIALLY our regulars. We may not have the big numbers we previously did, but it’s really nice to be able to team, dependably with friends on a regular basis.

I look forward to seeing you all in-game again.

Okay! Had three teams tonight!
Pep and Warboss took a high level and intermediate level team.

I took a team for teaching tonight.

We have some players who play pretty much only on TT. And some of them haven’t really gotten a handle on the game yet. So I pulled out one of my lowbies and walked them through a bunch of the missions to get them some XP. Interspersing it with general tips on getting around in the interface, slotting gear, how to train, what to train, etc.

I even felt like we were accomplishing a bit of leveling besides since I’d geared up with a double XP booster from the weekend.

Always great when your teammates feel like they’re participating and not just being dragged around.

Additionally, it has come to my attention that people are still having problems finding our meeting place.

Should have foreseen this. What comes from being dropped on my head a lot as a kid…

I’ve rectified this by posting a video up to YouTube. It’s in the process of going up right now. I’ll append when it is finally up.

2013: The Year We Make Aggro!

Okay, hopefully all of you have survived the New Year.

Currently we’re expecting more CO Tanker Tuesdays, and, as we gain proficiency in the game, they should run a bit smoother.

Right now our N00B tags are still showing.
(That and some of the game-breaking bugs don’t exactly make for an easy completion.)

But we’re getting there!

About the only thing that could conceivably stop TT in CO is the resurrection of CoH.

So I wish you all a Tanky New Year.

Tanker Tuesday: (Champions Online) Info

The Tank HQ chat channel has been created and is completely public.  We’ll be using this for our Tanker Tuesday events.

Additionally the Tank HQ Super Group has been created.
I’ll be in CO on Friday, 11-16-12 from 9PM to 10 PM Eastern accepting new members.

Our first inagural CO event will be Tuesday 12-04-12.

  • 9PM Eastern
  • 8PM Central
  • 7PM Mountain
  • 6PM Pacific.

The meeting place will be the Power House Theater.

The Power House is in the starting zone (Millennium City).

Enter the Power House.

Hang a left and enter the Theater.

Tanker Tuesday Steam Group set up

Okay guys!  Just opened up the Tanker Tuesday Steam group.

  1. Open up Steam
  2. Go to My Profile
  3. Go to My Groups
  4. Click on Browse
  5. Search for Tanker Tuesday (there can be only one!)
  6. Open up the TT group page and click join.

Caveats.  To join groups in Steam, you need to have actually bought a game on Steam.