Champions Online: Directions

The video above gives basic directions on how to reach the Tanker Tuesday meeting point.
You will need to have either completed or skipped the Tutorial.
This will then deposit you in Millennium City, right in front of Defender.
Right behind him is a huge gear-looking thing.

This is the PowerHouse entrance.
Run up and you’ll get a prompt to enter the PowerHouse.
Hit the Z key or click on the prompt.
Once you zone in, you’ll notice that the PH isn’t just one big room. It’s several sub zones all linked together.
You want the Theater. It will be off to the right of where you enter from.
Zone into the Theater. Then run up the stairs and into the Theater. There will be a dais connected to a stage by a catwalk. We meet there.

Note: The Theater is also used for costume contests. Those will usually be on the steps at the back of the stage. Please don’t attempt to interfere or otherwise grief them.