Okay! Had three teams tonight!
Pep and Warboss took a high level and intermediate level team.

I took a team for teaching tonight.

We have some players who play pretty much only on TT. And some of them haven’t really gotten a handle on the game yet. So I pulled out one of my lowbies and walked them through a bunch of the missions to get them some XP. Interspersing it with general tips on getting around in the interface, slotting gear, how to train, what to train, etc.

I even felt like we were accomplishing a bit of leveling besides since I’d geared up with a double XP booster from the weekend.

Always great when your teammates feel like they’re participating and not just being dragged around.

Additionally, it has come to my attention that people are still having problems finding our meeting place.

Should have foreseen this. What comes from being dropped on my head a lot as a kid…

I’ve rectified this by posting a video up to YouTube. It’s in the process of going up right now. I’ll append when it is finally up.